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War Yankee

Greetings! 👋 I am Kyle M. Bondo – The War Yankee – Creator of the American Civil War podcast about Grant’s March South to Petersburg.

In 1864, the Union entered its fourth year of war against the Confederacy succession. President Abraham Lincoln has fired yet another General and promoted Ulysses S. Grant — Hero of Vicksburg — to General-in-Chief of the entire Union Army. Without delay, Grant forms a new aggressive strategy that will not only take the fight to the enemy but see him command the Army of the Potomac in the field.

Join me, US Navy veteran Kyle Bondo, as I follow the history of Grant’s Overland Campaign from Culpeper to Petersburg, Virginia, in my American Civil War podcast War Yankee. Learn what it took General Ulysses S. Grant and the soldiers of the Army of the Potomac to survive 40+ days of continuous warfare against the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in 1864. War Yankee – Overland is a history podcast presented by Gagglepod, the little studio I co-founded with my best friend, Tim Brien.

Every episode is a work of passion that requires a lot of coffee. I research, read, visit, host, mix, edit, and produce every episode myself. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do two things for me:

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Thank you!

Aug 31, 2020

War Yankee - Overland

Overland.03: Center of the Storm

Kyle Bondo focuses on Ulysses S. Grant, and how his promotion to Commander of the US Army is the shake-up Lincoln hopes will end the war.


It is May 1864, and President Lincoln has now promoted Ulysses S. Grant -- the hero of the Western Theater -- to the...

Aug 25, 2020

War Yankee - Overland

Overland.02: Turning Point

Kyle Bondo sets the stage for the Overland Campaign by exploring President Abraham Lincoln's stakes going into 1864.


It is March 1864, and President Lincoln is concerned. The first real victory in the East -- The Battle of Gettysburg -- is short-lived when...

Aug 9, 2020

War Yankee - Overland

Overland.01: Perspective

Kyle Bondo introduces War Yankee and how having a personal and family background in military history developed his Unionist perspective.


Greetings! I am Kyle M. Bondo and this War Yankee - Overland, my American Civil War history podcast that follows General Ulysses...